Thursday, July 26, 2012

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan cologne is my favorite sport fragrance.  I love this scent.  Reading other reviews of this, I'm glad to see that most are generally favorable, but they tend to be of the tepid, "Considering how cheap it costs, it's pretty good", or "It's nice to wear when I don't want to wear something really awesome" ilk.  That's too bad, because I think this is a much better fragrance than that.

In terms of its overall style, I suppose Michael Jordan cologne qualifies as a sport scent: it's fresh, woody and clean smelling - all prerequisites for this genre.  Fortunately there are no aquatic notes anywhere in it, and it smells pretty natural for the most part.  It smells like a modern aromatic fougere, even though oakmoss and tonka bean aren't listed as ingredients.

What makes this a great fragrance for me is how bold, aromatic and complex it all is.  It's a scent that sparkles, and overall it smells like a citrus fragrance with serious backbone, bolstered by dry evergreen, wood and spicy notes that last a long time.  I love how it makes strong use of evergreen notes like juniper, cypress and fir, because they provide both bold freshness and greenness to the scent.  Dry herbs like sage, rosemary and patchouli are prominent, and they make this scent very aromatic.  I've never smelled a sport fragrance as bold and aggressive as this.

The drydown is also great, and is the most masculine smelling stage of the scent.  It smells musky, leathery, salty and aromatic, but without the intense sharpness of the opening and middle stages.   It's primarily a strong sandalwood and musk base, but it smells leathery and mossy too, even though neither moss nor leather are listed as notes.  It's a great smell, whatever you want to call it, and it lasts a good six or seven hours.

I don't agree with comments like, "This is a great scent to wear for casual purposes" because they downplay how good this frag is.  I wear this a lot, in both casual and business settings.  I find it quite versatile, provided you adjust the amounts you apply accordingly.  This is a strong scent.

Don't be turned off automatically by Michael Jordan cologne's low price and sport fragrance status.  Give this one a try, especially if you like strong woody herbal fragrances.  Fans of powerhouse fragrances will probably even appreciate this one, even though it's not really a powerhouse.  It has a complex and intense scent that lifts it far above all of its competition.  I'll be buying backup bottles, it's that good.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

P.S.,  I wouldn't recommend buying the accompanying aftershave lotion.  The problem with it is that it smells somewhat different than the cologne, with focus on notes different than in the cologne, as well as a strong alcohol smell.  What you get after putting on the cologne is a clash of scents, and it ruins the whole effect of the cologne; the two do not layer well.  Plus, I find wearing both the aftershave and cologne to be overpowering, and I get olfactory fatigue within a couple of hours.  Thumbs down on the aftershave.

Fragrance House:  Michael Jordan

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