Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monsieur Musk

I get a lot of comfort knowing that there are still companies out there that produce old school classic men's fragrances that a lot of people consider to be for old men.  These companies know there are men in the world that don't necessarily want to rock the latest gourmand fragrance, and who actually like and wear old dogs like The Baron and Royal Copenhagen.  Dana is one of those companies.  Granted, Dana are infamous for buying the licenses of old classics and ruining them by reformulating them badly, but they do have some good old stand-bys that are worth wearing.  Look at English Leather, for example.

Monsieur Musk is also one that's definitely worth wearing.  It was originally produced by Houbigant, and though I've never smelled the original version and therefore can't compare it to the current Dana iteration, I can at least say that Dana has produced a fragrance that any fan of colognes of the old guard should like, and at a good price. 

I'm not a big musk fan, and Monsieur Musk doesn't smell that musky to me, which may be why I like it so much.  More barbarian than barbershop, Monsieur Musk is a big, burly leather and moss fest.  I know leather isn't listed as a note in this, but it smells damn leathery to me, and when it combines with the strong oakmoss and sandalwood, it's hard to find a fragrance that's more masculine than this.  The musk creeps in slowly the longer you wear it, and it acts more as a smell that augments the other facets of the scent, rather than coming to the forefront.  Everything is perfectly balanced, and the overall effect is that of great warmth, weight and overt masculinity.  This is a simple but great fragrance.

Hats off to Dana and their macho musk.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  Dana

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