Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm always amazed at how awesome this fragrance is every time I wear it.  That's because I bought it a few years ago out of some clearance bin, and I think I paid five dollars for it.  The fact that Mustang is always being sold on clearance at stores like Marshalls or Walmart makes me wonder if it's going to be discontinued soon.  I'd better stock up, because this is great stuff.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at its quality, considering Aramis, a subsidiary of Estee Lauder, makes it.  Mustang is an ultra-smooth, semi-sweet tobacco-based fragrance.  I can't say it's particularly unique, because I've smelled a lot of other woody oriental  fragrances that are similar and which came before it, such as Canali Man, Memoire d'Homme, and Burberry London.  However, few smell as good as Mustang.

I love fragrances which are so well blended that their scents evolve seamlessly, so that you barely even notice that the scent is changing over time.  For me, this is a sign of an expertly crafted perfume, and is a difficult effect for a perfumer to achieve.  Mustang evolves with such ease from start to finish, while remaining immensely masculine smelling the entire time.  The ginger, lavender and lemon in the top notes are surprisingly not harsh, and they segue quietly and seamlessly into the main attraction of Mustang: tobacco and cedar.  Like the top notes, the tobacco and cedar are treated in a soft, silky and leathery way, not abrasive or sharp.  Mustang maintains this sort of shiny, oily texture from this point to the end, and the effect is extremely masculine.  Aramis could have re-named this scent "Love In Pink" and there still would be no doubt that it's a fragrance for men.

The drydown is my favorite part because it develops an aromatic smell.  Fir is listed as a note, but I can't smell any fir or evergreen notes at all in Mustang.  I'm assuming that the fir was added to the patchouli in the basenotes simply to add to the aromatic quality of the drydown.  The amber, along with the remaining tobacco scent, buffs out the rest of the fragrance beautifully.

The only issue I have with Mustang is that it is deceptively strong, and it gives me olfactory fatigue quickly.  Because it's so smooth, it's easy to overapply this, thinking it's not that strong.  Unfortunately my brain knows this is no weakling, and it often shuts down my ability to smell it after about four hours, even though I've had people tell me they can still smell it strongly on me twelve hours after I sprayed it on.  It also projects quite far, so you want to be careful in applying this one.

If you love smooth, leathery tobacco fragrances, there is no reason you should not have a bottle of Mustang in your arsenal, considering how inexpensive it is.  This is truly a great scent.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  Aramis


  1. Have you tried the Blue one? I have heard it is a 80's throwback aromatic. Some say it is like Drakkar, and some say it is similar to Cool Water. I wish I could find a bottle local.

    1. You know, I have never tried Blue, but now I want to. I wasn't enthusiastic about it for a long time, with the name "Blue". However, I've recently read some reviews of it and like you said it sounds like a Drakkar/CW type fragrance, which sounds good to me.

      Too bad I didn't grab a bottle when they were in every TJ Maxx store just a couple of months ago.

    2. During my lunch break I picked up a bottle of Mustang Blue for cheap. I sprayed some on the back of my hand, and it smells okay, nothing special. It's a pretty typical 90s woody spicy sport frag, nothing unique. It smells nothing like Drakkar Noir to me.

      However, I'm not making any judgment on it until I get to wear it for a day. I'll post a review when I do.

  2. I just picked this up, and on the opening smell I thought I accidentally sprayed an old bottle of adidas moves. You are right, it smells extremely familiar. Part of me wonders if I have the same cologne because mine is a clear juice and is labeled as an EDT. Ford is now listed on the box, and the bottle and cap are different also.

    1. I know you no longer update, but this is for anybody that stumbles upon it...The newer version of this with the checkered top is indeed different. Completely different, actually. The newer one (assuming it's newer because it's all I see) doesn't have Aramis/Estee Lauder listed. Instead it's made by First American Brands. Yesterday I found the version pictured in TJ Maxx as a gift set for 14.99. I was able to sneak a spray, and couldn't believe two products would virtually be labelled the same and be so different. I didn't buy it, partly because I couldn't smell it on the back of my hand by the time I left the store, and also because it vaguely reminded me of Armani Code knockoff I had previously purchased. Do you get any similarity between this and Armani code? Either way, your description keeps me wanting to give this a fair shot, so it's likely I'll go back and buy it.