Thursday, August 9, 2012

360° Black for Men

This fragrance would have been more appropriately called 360° Brown for Men, since that's the color I think of when I smell it, yet somehow I don't think that would be a good idea from a marketing perspective.  Like almost all "Black" fragrances, 360° Black for Men does not smell black.  However, unlike almost all "Black" fragrances, this one actually smells good.

The reason I like this one is because it's spicy and not overly sweet.  Most black fragrances smell syrupy sweet or like grape bubblegum.  Not this.  Believe it or not, 360° Black for Men is primarily a tobacco fragrance.  It's a dark, slightly sweet smell of pipe tobacco, or maybe dark cigar tobacco on top of some amber and tonka bean.  Blended with the tobacco accord are herbal and spicy notes like basil and cardamom, as well as some wood notes that pop up later on in the drydown.  I'm surprised at how aromatic this black fragrance is.

Perry Ellis' 360° fragrance line is bascially a lineup of high quality knockoff fragrances that improve on the originals (e.g., Red = Acqua di Gio, White = Le Male, Blue = Drakkar Noir, Reserve = Escape For Men), yet Black seems to be the odd duck in the group because I don't think it's imitating any one particular fragrance; some say it imitates Bulgari Black, but I don't agree.  It smells good from beginning to end, and I love how it gets drier and less sweet the longer you wear it.  The drydown smells like almost all tobacco, with hints of tonka bean, wood and amber.

This was a very pleasant surprise for me, since I hate "Black" fragrances.  It has just the right amount of sweetness for this kind of scent, and is never cloying or heavy.  There's nothing amazing about this fragrance, but it's very well composed and smells good.  What more can you ask for?

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Perry Ellis

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