Monday, August 13, 2012

360° Blue For Men

360° Blue has been thoroughly trashed by reviewers on both Basenotes and Fragrantica, who call it synthetic and cheap smelling.  I say bullshit.  It may not be the most original fragrance in the world, since it smells a lot like Drakkar Noir, but it smells incredible.  I assume the haters are those who don't like Drakkar Noir or powerhouse fragrances.  I have a hard time imagining anyone who loves aromatic fougeres thinking this is a lousy fragrance.

I prefer to call 360° Blue a "Drakkar-inspired" scent, rather than a Drakkar clone.  The similarities between the two are obvious, but Blue has its own qualities that set it apart from Drakkar Noir.  Whereas Drakkar is thick, heavy and loaded with leather, Blue is drier, more transparent, greener smelling, and has no leather notes.  And it's even more aromatic than Drakkar Noir, believe it or not; I can really smell the patchouli and incense loud and clear in 360° Blue, whereas in Drakkar they're more blended into the whole thick stew.

I wrote in an earlier review that Perry Ellis' 360° fragrance line seems to be a knockoff series that improves on the originals.  Blue doesn't smell better than Drakkar Noir, but I think it addresses what a lot of people felt were Drakkar's biggest flaws - its overpowering strength and lack of transparency.  Drakkar Noir is perfect as is, but some people will find Blue to be an improvement because it's a little less brutal.  Actually, the lack of leather in Blue brings out the herbal, aromatic qualities more, and as a result it smells even more old school than Drakkar Noir, if you can imagine that.  Blue reminds me a bit of old classics like Brut and Ho Hang.  I don't find it synthetic smelling at all, during any stage of its development.

Just because there's no leather, don't think for a second that Blue is watered down.  This is not a wimpy fragrance at all.  This is strong, ultra-macho stuff, just like Drakkar Noir is.  The sprayer on the bottle shoots out little dinky sprays, so all you powerhouse freaks will need to spray on more than you would with most atomizers if you want to smell like a porn star.

I totally love 360° Blue, enough to buy backup bottles of it.

MY RATING:  9/10

Fragrance House:  Perry Ellis

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