Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cuba Black - Revised Review

When I wrote my previous review of Cuba Black, I was basing it on one of those tiny .17 oz. bottles Cuba Paris sells as a set.  Since then, I got my hands on the big 100 ml. bottle, and it smells different than what I'd reviewed before, so a revision is in order.  Fortunately, this new bottle of juice still smells great, and even better than the little bottle, even if it's less unique.

First of all, I have to admit that this does smell almost exactly like Azzaro Pour Homme.  The only difference is that Black doesn't have the same top notes as Azzaro; whereas Azzaro starts off with sharp anise and herbal notes, Black has no real top notes, and kicks into the middle and drydown right away.  Otherwise, Black smells exactly like Azzaro's middle and drydown stages.  Now I understand all the reviews claiming this is a knockoff of Azzaro Pour Homme.

Even so, Cuba Black is still a colorless fragrance, and I've always considered Azzaro Pour Homme to be pretty colorless after the top notes disappear.  Azzaro Pour Homme is probably the greatest masculine fragrance ever, and is in my all-time Top Five favorites, so obviously I really love the way Cuba Black smells.  In fact, I like it even more than I did when I'd reviewed it before.  Like Azzaro, Black lasts all day, is ultra-masculine, and has good sillage.  Cuba Black is a powerhouse in my mind, mainly because it projects the right attitude.

If Cuba Black weren't such a blatant copy of another fragrance, even if it is copying the best, I'd give it a perfect score.  As it stands, I'll give it a respectable 8.5 out of 10.  Its scent is irresistible.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  Cuba Paris


  1. To my nose (and my wife's) it actually smells closer to Rive Gauche, though clove and a little more vetiver. Though both also are in the same family as Azzaro, certainly, but do not have Azzaro's fantastic slightly-sour bite. Anyway, thanks for the great review. I love Azzaro and this made made me go straight out and buy a bottle of Cuba Black. Either way, not at all disappointed.

  2. Opps, edit to "though less clove."