Thursday, August 16, 2012


When I see a cologne with a name like "Ironman", I expect a generic sport fragrance.  With Avon's Ironman, you don't get a sport fragrance, but you do get something that smells pretty generic.  It's not bad, but it's kind of dull.

Most reviews I've read call this a chypre, but that's not what this is.  It's green and bitter, but that alone doesn't make it a chypre; I certainly smell a ton of sour bergamot in this, but no oakmoss or labdanum at all.  Ironman is nothing more than a sharp woody citrus fragrance, in a style that's been done so many times.  It smells like a slightly improved Polo Blue, which in itself is a mediocre fragrance.  However, being a little bit better than Polo Blue isn't saying much.

Polo Blue is an ascerbic, sour, grating fragrance with shrill, piercing top notes that seem to last forever.  Ironman's top and middle notes smell exactly like Polo Blue.  What separates Ironman from Polo Blue is that Ironman, luckily, has a nice soft, musky base that acts like a cushion for all those needle-like citrus notes.  It adds warmth and depth to the scent, and makes the citrus notes tolerable.   There are some synthetic green herbal notes in here (basil?), which also add complexity and some welcome greenness to the fragrance.  I like the drydown, which is aromatic and woody, but it only smells that way up close to your skin.  When it projects, Ironman's drydown just smells dull and sour, like the drydowns of boring scents like Bulgari Man and Polo Blue.

The biggest flaw with Ironman, besides it being unoriginal, is that it's sloppily constructed.  The fragrance smells rough and crude, and not very well balanced.  With some fragrances, like Brut or Parfum d'Habit, crudeness is an asset.  Not with Ironman.  Sharp, dry, thin scents like this need to have balance, otherwise they're just annoying.  Although I wouldn't quite call Ironman irritating, it's chock full of rough, spiky edges that don't belong there.  It's a fragrance that smells like it was simply thrown together, as if the perfumer didn't care.

Overall, I'd say Ironman is merely an average fragrance, and that's on its best day.  It does nothing new at all, and if it weren't for its low price, I can't find any reason to buy a bottle of this.


Fragrance House:  Avon


  1. Thanks for reviewing this, I've been wondering about Ironman for a while now and didn't have it on reliable authority whether or not it was worth checking into. Your description pretty much matches what I expected, although I wasn't so sure it was a synthetic green frag. I had it prefigured more as a sport scent. Interesting that they went the green route instead. Your mentioning its sloppy construction brings to mind Avon's Musk Fire, which I owned for all of two days before I had to get rid of it. Fortunately I got it for free! One cannot accuse Avon of draining the wallet's resources, that's for sure.

  2. No, thank you for your Fragrantica review of Musk Fire, which I was wondering about and was considering buying blindly. I doubt I'll get it now, after reading your comments on it.

    I respect Avon and like a lot of their fragrances, but my recent haul of Avon fragrances - Ironman, Urban Edge, Black Suede Leather - hasn't been too impressive, unfortunately. However I did also get Infinite Moment, which smells pretty good on a cursory sniff on my wrist, but I'll need to wear it for a day. I'll definitely be reviewing both Black Suede Leather and that one very soon, as well as all the other Avon frags I have. Fortunately most are quite good.