Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mambo For Men

Mambo For Men gets a lot of bad reviews from perfume enthusiasts.  I'm here to make a case for this cheapie.  Mambo is an underrated, unassuming fragrance that collects dust in Marshalls stores, an ignored gem that smells a lot better and more unique than you'd expect from a Liz Claiborne fragrance.  It especially stands out when you compare it to the light woody fresh fragrances that are trendy today.  In fact, I'd even say it smells dated, but in the way I like it.

If you love wearing old school powerscents, you should definitely try Mambo For Men.  That's because it smells like a rich 80's powerhouse fragrance, but without the monstrous sillage that those fragrances were famous for.  It's warm, smooth, aromatic and rich, in that macho "gold chains and chest hair" style.  Even though the pyramid lists a million ingredients, this is a pretty simple and linear fragrance.  If you like the way it smells when you first put it on, you'll like Mambo For Men for its duration on your skin.  I smell strong sandalwood, musk, amber, bay leaf and patchouli, and together they create a scent that is heavily musky and aromatic, without being sweet; the sandalwood, patchouli and woody notes prevent the musk from smelling like fabric softener and give it a super manly smell.

Mambo smells a lot like Sung Homme, only not as strong; this is a sexy scent, and if I were to describe what the colors purple and tan together smell like, I'd say they smell like Mambo For Men.  It's like the perfume equivalent of a lava lamp.

Sure, Mambo smells like it's made up mostly of synthetics, but who cares?  The fragrance is well blended and smooth, with no cowlicks.  It's a good example of how a primarily synthetic fragrance can smell good when it's carefully composed.  Poorly constructed synthetic perfumes bite you back with little wisps of a cheap, chemical smell while they evolve on your skin.  Mambo For Men has none of that.

If you like your frags ballsy and old school, but don't want to kill everyone around you with your cologne, give Mambo For Men a whirl.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Liz Claiborne

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  1. Do you thing that it have any similarity with Drakkar Noir? I live in Brazil, and here have a perfume called Styletto by Boticário and it smells like Mambo. The people here says that Stylleto is a copy of Drakkar.