Monday, August 20, 2012

Montana Homme

I really wanted to like Montana Homme, because I'm so tired of hearing everyone comparing it to Montana Parfum d'Homme in the red box, which is a completely different fragrance.  Unfortunately I can't find any love for this. 

This is just a bad fragrance.  It doesn't even smell terrible, though it doesn't smell good.  No, what blows me away is how characterless and non-descript this thing is, and for me, that defeats the whole purpose of making or wearing a fragrance in the first place.  Why not just wear nothing at all?

This is a powdery floral citrus fragrance that starts off smelling like a quieter version of Cerruti 1881 - not a bad perfume to emulate.  However, it doesn't take long (ten minutes or so) for the citrus to disappear and for the awful synthetic smelling white musk to hijack the entire scent.  Within about twenty minutes, I smell like Spic 'N Span or some other powdered tile cleaner.  Granted, it's a clean smell and I wouldn't call it disgusting, but really, why would anyone want to walk around all day smelling like this? 

Montana Homme defines boring.  How could Montana have released this?

MY RATING:  4/10

Fragrance House:  Montana

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