Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Society Yachting Men

What an unassuming scent this is!  This is an inexpensive fragrance with a totally non-flashy, unpretentious bottle and packaging.  Even the name is dull - Society Yachting??  What is that supposed to mean?  I'd never even heard of Society Parfums, never mind this particular fragrance, until just recently.  Talk about flying under the radar!

The fragrance itself is very nice, and is unique.  Basically it's a woody citrus, but with an interesting twist, and that twist is vetiver.  When you first spray on Society Yachting, it's not too impressive, as it smells like just another generic floral citrus scent - fresh, heady and sharp.  Certainly not a bad smell, but nothing you haven't smelled before.

Where it separates itself from the pack is in the middle stage, because that's when the vetiver starts to take over.  This is an ultra-dry, bitter, woody vetiver, just the way I like it, and its arid character blends great with the citrus notes, which brighten up some of the vetiver's astringency.

Just when you thought you were getting a nice dry vetiver fragrance, Society Yachting delivers another surprise in the drydown.  The vetiver remains, but off in the background is a hint of dark, aromatic incense smoke.  It's very subtle, but it's there, and it gives a light, mysterious, smoky aura to the scent.  The incense works well here, because it's handled in such a light, careful fashion.  It doesn't bludgeon you like the incense in One Man Show does.  It blends nicely with the vetiver and light, glowing florals.  In fact, Society Yachting's drydown does remind me of One Man Show, only much better blended.

Society Yachting Men is one of the most pleasant surprises I've smelled in a long time.  This is an excellent fragrance.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Society Parfums

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