Saturday, August 4, 2012

Urban Edge

Avon describes Urban Edge as being a  blend of "Masculine patchouli and sexy suede with an irreverent twist of violet".  Being a patchoulihead and a fan of Avon fragrances, I figured this one had my name written on it.  It turns out it does, with a little note attached to it that says, "SUCKA!"

If there's patchouli in this, I sure can't smell it.  It must have been crushed under the weight of the sexy suede and irreverent violets.  In all seriousness, Urban Edge isn't horrendous, but it isn't very good either.  What you have here is an incredibly generic, sour, metallic smelling woody citrus scent.  The suede is not sexy, but rather taciturn and irritating; if you've ever smelled Guess Suede, this vinegary smell will be familiar to you.  The violet leaf adds nothing to this fragrance except more harshness.  Is "irreverent" synonymous with "stinky"?  I like violet leaf when it adds both greenness and spiciness to a fragrance, but in Urban Edge, it adds neither.  It smells like a shopping cart.

Admittedly, if you apply this lightly it can be pleasant to wear, since it's a relatively light scent.  That's why I'm not giving this a total thumbs down.  However, you'll need to reapply it, because the longevity is terrible, at about two or three hours tops.  On the other hand, it's inexpensive, so if you like this scent, reapplication isn't a big deal.

I own a lot of Avon fragrances, and this has to be my least favorite by far.  It's mediocre at best.

MY RATING:  5/10

Fragrance House:  Avon

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