Sunday, August 5, 2012

White Musk For Men

I hate white musk, but I like this one.  Unlike most white musks, White Musk For Men doesn't smell like laundry detergent.  White musk oil by itself smells powdery and dull, and it takes a talented perfumer to be able to augment it with other notes to make it interesting but also keep its musky quality.  Whoever composed White Musk For Men did just that.

The fragrance has great longevity, and you never forget that it's a musk scent.  This is a clean synthetic musk, not an animalic stink bomb.  Rather than going the easy route and smelling clean in a soapy way, this fragrance is clean in the way I like it: dry, green, woody and spicy. 

Although the white musk is always front and center, you can tell there's a lot more than just musk in this perfume, even though you may not be able to distinguish the individual ingredients in it.  That's because they were added to the musk in a delicate, careful fashion, so that nothing overwhelms the musky character of the fragrance.  My guess is that there are very light touches of vetiver, cinnamon, sandalwood, mint and moss added to the musk.  Whatever other ingredients there are, they all combine beautifully to add an aromatic crispness to the musk.  Trust me, there's more to this than just musk.  I've smelled pure white musk oil, and it doesn't smell like this.

What especially impresses me with White Musk For Men is that the longer you wear it, the fresher and greener it smells!  How many perfumes actually smell more fresh in the drydown?  I can't think of many.

If you're looking for a complex musk, however, this may not be for you.  There are almost no top or middle notes in it; when you spray it on, you get a quick spray of citrus and green notes, but they're gone in about a minute or two, at which point the fragrance kicks immediately into the drydown.  There is no middle stage.  This is a pretty linear scent.

This is going on my very short list of musk fragrances that I actually like, would purchase and wear, along with Muscs Koublai Khan and Kiehl's Original Musk.  It's that good.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  The Body Shop


  1. It actually sounds like a variation on the same theme used in Mugler Cologne, which I love. I'll have to try this.

  2. Absolutely!!! You hit it right on the head. I was actually going to write that it smells almost identical to the drydown of Creed's Original Vetiver, which smells a lot like Mugler Cologne. I don't own MC, but I do own the Creed, and I love its drydown, which is what turned me on with The Body Shop's musk.

    You don't get the intense greenness of the Creed or Mugler, but you get the musky drydown smell immediately. It may seem superflous to own White Musk For Men and either the Creed or Mugler, but sometimes I just want to wear something simple and straightforward, and that's where WMM is so satisfying.

  3. I think I can smell a lot of Iso E Super, but I may be wrong.
    The shower soap gel smells even better.

  4. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know what Iso E Super smells like, even though I've read about it countless times!

  5. A massive thanks for this review, my experience of musks has been MKK and Musc Ravageur, MKK was so bad on my skin it smelled like I'd shit myself, now this is a subject that's debated endlessly on basenotes, those that say there is no fecal note and those that (like me) say there is, on me/to my nose MKK is unwearable and even MR much as I love it can stretch the friendship for me.

    Which brings me back to WMM, your review prompted me for a blind buy and I'm very impressed, a highly desirable and functional daily wearer, so again....many thanks.

    1. I doubt it's a matter of your skin not tolerating the musk. It's probably just your own personal tastes, that you prefer the cleaner, more powdery musks, rather than the sweaty ass stinkbombs (which I prefer!).

      I tend not to like clean musks, but this Body Shop frag is awesome. It's not offensive, but it isn't boring either, and I find it quite unique for a musk scent. Smells green to me, which is rare for a musk.