Sunday, August 12, 2012

White Musk Sport Pour Homme

I have only one complaint about White Musk Sport For Men, and it's a big one: this is as generic, safe and inoffensive as a fragrance can get for a man.  Yes sir, it's another sporty fresh citrus green fragrance, in the same exact style of countless others that aren't even worth naming.  No creativity or sense of adventure went into the concept or creation of this scent at all.  It has the word "Sport" in the name, so what do you expect?

However, I can forgive its lack of uniqueness, because White Musk Sport is very well composed and it smells good.  I can't ignore the lack of originality in most other fragrances in this style like, for example, Puma's Animagical For Men (see my review earlier to see what I mean).  That's because they don't smell very good, and certainly don't smell as good as this.

I love grapefruit as a top note, and it sprays you with its wonderful crisp freshness here in the top notes, along with some lemon.  It's really a great opening to this scent, and fortunately that sunny citrus smell manages to hold on for a few hours and into the drydown, rather than just disappearing after ten minutes.  As the scent evolves, it smells greener, no doubt from geranium, which I can smell clearly.  The fragrance keeps its green smell and citrusy shine for hours.

I love how White Musk Sport gets smoother and smoother the longer you wear it, yet it never loses its freshness.  This is where the fragrance's solid design and construction becomes most obvious.  The base notes are really what intrigue me with White Musk Sport, not by how they smell, but by how they seem to regulate and manage all the fresh and green notes.  I barely smell any musk in this.  Also, there's leather in here too, but I smell no leather at all.  Yet I know they're in there.  That's because without the musk and leather, the fragrance would probably smell harsh, jagged and unbalanced, as the citrus, green and floral notes are left alone to fight for the spotlight.  The musk and leather, rather than acting as strong, heavy show stoppers in this scent, serve to provide smoothness and perfect balance to the entire fragrance.  It's what separates White Musk Sport from garbage like Animagical For Men.

This scent smells nothing at all like the original White Musk For Men, which I reviewed last week.  In fact, I would not recommend this if you're looking for a really musky scent - if that's what you're looking for, get the regular White Musk For Men.  Sport is a completely different animal, and is primarily a green citrus scent, not really a musk.  However, it also could just be that I'm anosmic to the musk note in this scent.

If you have a Body Shop store near you, check out White Musk Sport.  The Body Shop has sales all the time, and you could end up buying this for peanuts.  I got my 100 ml. bottle at 50% off, meaning I paid only $14 U.S. for it.  Not a bad deal at all.

MY RATING:  7.5/10

Fragrance House:  The Body Shop

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