Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hollywood For Men - Revised Review

I never thought this would happen, but I've actually done a total 180 with Hollywood For Men!  I never got rid of my bottle, and just tonight I decided to pull it out of storage and give it a second chance. 

My "jelly beans and popcorn" description doesn't really apply now.  I still detect a subtle buttery smell in the background, but that's probably the leather note (leather scents are often described as buttery).  What I can appreciate now but couldn't before is the incredible smoothness of this fragrance.  It's a seamless blend of very soft floral notes, a powdery sweet tobacco note, buttery smelling leather, and juniper.  It's difficult to distinguish the individual notes in Hollywood For Men, and the whole blend creates a soft, semi-sweet aroma that is hard to classify or define.  I smell it and think, "Hm, is it leather?  Is it flowers?  Is it candy?  Is it pipe tobacco?  Whatever it is, it smells really good".  The exact same thought comes to mind when I smell Ho Hang - I can't tell what the hell is in it, but it smells awesome.

Sure, a lot of Hollywood For Men smells synthetic, but it's so soft and beautifully blended, it doesn't matter.  If it smelled more natural, it would lose all of its character.  What's just as important is that it's unique.  You smell this and tell me with a straight face that you've smelled another fragrance like Hollywood For Men.  I won't believe you.

I'm glad I gave this another shot, because I plan on wearing this a lot more now.  Thumbs up now.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Fred Hayman


  1. Funny you should do a 180 on this because when I read your previous review I was laughing at how ass-whooping it was. I had reviewed this on Basenotes earlier and positively, largely on the very unique buttery character. As you said in your revision, there aren't any others in the market that are like this. In the copycat society we live in, this is praiseworthy. Sure, it's phonier (i.e. synthetic) than a three-dollar bill, but it doesn't smell like Acqua di Gio at least. And if you wear it to back to school night, none of the other dads will be sporting this stuff.

    1. I actually like the synthetic character of this frag, and that's because there are no "spiky" or nasty chemical notes that stick out like cowlicks. It's smooth. The other key is to apply it lightly. I think I oversprayed when I wore it for my first review.

    2. Actually, I did read your Basenotes review and it was what motivated me to buy it in the first place, since we have similar tastes.

  2. I tried it and liked it. I can't really add much to your review and I think it's a great value.