Saturday, September 22, 2012

Patchouly by Auric Blends

I own more patchouli fragrances than I can shake a stick at.  Patchouly by Auric Blends is not only one of the best patchoulis I've ever worn, but it is, without a doubt, the best value by far.  I've worn patchoulis that cost more than twenty times the price of this (yes, I'm talking about Mazzolari Patchouli, which costs $175 a bottle) and don't smell this good.

This is for patchouli freaks only.  This is strong, hardcore, Woodstock hippie stuff, not the refined, old guard grade patchouli you get in stuff like Givenchy Gentleman, Santos or Ho Hang Club.  It's dark, deep, complex, dirty, damp and earthy, with both sweet and spicy clove-like facets.  This is the smell associated with head shops and hippies, so if you have any hangups about that, stay far away.  I love it.  Only the most daring guy would even think of wearing this at a business meeting. 

Auric's website doesn't mention anything other than patchouli in this fragrance, and I don't smell anything else in it either, so I'm guessing this is simply pure patchouli oil with some jojoba oil added as a dilutant.  The only problem with single note perfumes like this is that their quality depends solely upon the quality of its essential oil; there are few if any other ingredients to cover up any of its flaws.  Therefore its quality will always depend on whether or not Auric can get their hands on high quality patchouli oil.  The quality of the oil in my vial is excellent.

In terms of value, you can't beat this.  You get a 1/3 ounce vial for only $7.50, and it's enough to last a very long time.  Last night I used only one drop, spread between both wrists, and it projected like mad for hours.  I could have sworn I'd dabbed it on my upper lip, if I didn't know any better.  That was 14 hours ago, and I can still smell it.  Granted, it's subtle, but it's still there.  I can only imagine how long this vial will last me, if I only need to use one drop per day.  Ten years?

Though it doesn't quite match the beauty and complexity of Santa Maria Novella's Patchouli or Farmacia SS. Annunziata's Patchouly Indonesiano, Auric Blends' perfume oil is close.  The bang for your buck is unbelievable.

MY RATING:  9.5/10

Fragrance House:  Auric Blends

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  1. Check out Patchouli Garden. . .I just ordered four of their patch scents.