Saturday, September 8, 2012

Taxi - Revised Review

Though my impressions of Taxi's scent are the same as before, my impression of its strength is a little different now.  I've had a chance to wear it a couple of more times since my review, and I like it a lot more than I did before.  The fact that I've worn it four times in the past six days says something, doesn't it?

It's still a pretty weak fragrance, projection-wise, but I can deal with it.  Taxi reminds me of Worth Pour Homme: it has a great smell that lasts a good while, but just doesn't project much.  The solution to this is to simply spray yourself all over, including your neck.  That way you get nice whiffs of Taxi even after the top and middle notes are gone. 

I sprayed it on vigorously this morning, and I enjoyed the scent very much throughout the morning and into the afternoon.  The light moss and musk in the drydown was especially enjoyable, and very comfortable to wear.

I'm now rating this higher, to an 8 out of 10.  Taxi is a damn good fragrance.

UPDATE 9/21/12:  I'm totally hooked on this frag now.  With liberal application, Taxi is one of the most enjoyable aromatic fougeres I've ever worn.  The scent is marvelous from beginning to end, with the lavender/musk/moss drydown still the best part.  I'll be buying backup bottles of this gem, and I'm increasing my rating to a 9 out of 10.

MY RATING:  9/10

Fragrance House:  Cofinluxe


  1. tried it today, great smell, but yes, bad projection and longevity, I can also live with that because I have enough cologne to last me a lifetime, so if it takes 8 sprays to get me through a day, it really doesn't matter to me, scentwise, I can also agree w/ a 9/10

    1. Did you try wearing it all day? If you really spray it on good (I do nine sprays), I'll bet you find the longevity is excellent. I can smell it for a good 12 hours. If I just do a spritz on my wrist, I can't smell it after 3 or 4 hours.

    2. Ok, I'll try a few more sprays next time.

  2. This really is a great fragrance. So glad I came across this blog and then discovered this gem because of it. As you mentioned in your previous review there is definitely oak moss extract as it's listed on the side of the box as an ingredient. I do however get the nice, slightly sweet, nutmeg and star anise notes. I think these are really important to this frag and play a subtle but important roll that makes it unique and interesting. I also love how this fragrance transitions through it's stages too. Goes from bright and herbal to smooth and creamy with a solid musk base thats clean and very masculine. I can easily see this moving to the top of my favorite list.

    Yes it can be a bit weak but I've seen worse. I find a few concentrated sprays in the same spot does the trick just fine. At $15 a bottle you can easily double up on this and still have massive bang for your buck. But if you want to just go light you can do that too and sometimes my mood calls that.

    The bottle, packaging and concept for this really is a tragedy though. It's a shame because it's hiding juice that deserves a lot more. But them again you know you'll probably be the only one at the party wearing it!

    1. I actually love the black woven wicker look to the bottle. But man, that freakin' cheezy-ass sticker has got to go.

      Thanks for the comment. You've inspired me to wear this today.

    2. Ok the faux wicker is not that bad but the plastic cap? I went to grab it this morning by the cap and it slid off so easily the bottle almost crash to the floor. Look like a pice off a GI Joe toy. haha

      The glass is I wish it was like my Zino bottle that looks black but is actually a dark transparent red when you hold it up to the light to see how much you have left. This thing is truly jet black. You just have to guess how much juice you have left. However it's still great stuff and nothing you can blame Mark Buxton for. I'm enjoying it as I type...making my Monday morning a bit more bearable.