Sunday, October 7, 2012

Amazing For Men

Amazing For Men is okay, but nothing special.  It's a sharp, fruity, woody and synthetic smelling fragrance in the early Nineties style of scents like Escape For Men, but it's more bare bones and more artificial smelling.  It does have some enjoyable features, though.

What bothers me most is the cedar note - harsh, synthetic and annoying, it provides an irritating alcoholic sharpness throughout the duration of the scent.  Amazing For Men's claim to fame seems to be a so-called "cactus" note, which provides a sulfuric, fart-like pungency in the opening that is quite unpleasant.  Fortunately the poopiness mellows out quickly and blends well with what smell like orange peel and honeydew melon.  Together they create a warm, fruity glow to the fragrance, without being sweet.

What rescues Amazing For Men is the sandalwood.  This is the sharp, dry, prickly type of sandalwood you smell in fragrances like Egoiste and Crabtree & Evelyn's Sandalwood, not the milky rich type of sandalwood.  It comes to the forefront during the drydown, and it blends nicely with the fruity notes.  The chemical cedar note interferes with it, but fortunately it doesn't completely ruin the scent for me.

Overall, Amazing For Men is just a decent fragrance.  My biggest problems with it are that it lacks uniqueness, and it just smells overly synthetic and thin.  This would be a much better fragrance without the cedar note.  However, the sandalwood drydown is good enough to make me want to reach for this every once in a while.  I give it a neutral rating with a half-hearted thumb up.

MY RATING:  6/10

Fragrance House:  Bill Blass


  1. Has to be the ugliest bottle in the industry.

  2. Looks like a piece of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner hose...!

  3. I think it looks like a cross section of someone's spine. Or maybe the trachea of a cow?