Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cadillac Coupe

Cadillac Coupe smells like it's trying to be a niche fragrance without the outrageous price tag.  In many ways it succeeds, because it doesn't at all smell like a trendy men's designer scent.  This fragrance is heavy on the patchouli and sandalwood, which you see a lot more in niche perfumes than in designer fragrances.  Cadillac Coupe's weakness is in its construction, which is rough and crude and at times unpleasant.

Cadillac Couple smells BROWN.  Patchouli is definitely its dominant note, and it's buttressed by meaty smelling sandalwood, leather and black amber.  It's warm and rich, and it smells like a case study in brown smells.  I love patchouli, leather and sandalwood, but here the combination smells monotonous and one-dimensional after about an hour.  It's a very impressive fragrance initially, when it smells almost like a knockoff of Byredo's Baudelaire (see my review of that scent), but unlike Baudelaire, Cadillac Coupe lacks depth, and there's not much development or evolution in its scent.

What I really don't like is the drydown, where the fragrance develops a dry, powdery smell.  The powderiness clashes with the patchouli and sandalwood, and it smells crude and poorly blended.  It's irritating, and by the arrival of hour two, I can't wait to take a shower and wash it all off.  Cadillac Coupe quickly gets tiresome to wear.

Although I'm lukewarm about it, Cadillac Coupe is still worth trying, especially when you consider that a 100 ml. bottle is only about $15 US.  It's a really masculine fragrance, and you don't find a lot of patchouli-heavy perfumes these days for such a reasonable price.  If my description of Byredo's Baudelaire sounds like a fragrance you'd like, but don't want to spend huge money, then Cadillac Coupe is definitely worth a sniff.  I don't like it, but who knows, you might end up loving it. 

MY RATING:  5/10

Fragrance House:  Cadillac


  1. I presume that like me you picked this up blind at Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I confess that I'm something of a sucker for Cadillac stuff, since I currently own a Cadillac and learned to drive and got my license in my parents' Caddy way back when. That said, apart from the initial Cadillac offering the intervening items (Black, Extreme) have sucked big time. I like this better than you do; I agree that it is pretty unique especially in this price range. It reminds me somewhat of a hybrid of Habanita and M7, though not as rich as either. It is a dense aroma. You called it brown and I think that is apt. Ultimately I find it to have too much vanilla/amber as so many frags do these days. But the opening and middle is relatively interesting and I am not as bored by it as you are. Big thumbs up? No, but a pleasant surprise given the downmarket presentation and track record of the previous Cadillac perfumes.

    1. This is one that I really WANT to like, because it's got a lot of stuff in it that I typically like. But man, that drydown sucks.

      Funny about Cadillac Black. I freaking hated it at first. I've actually gotten to like it now! I find it gets less sweet and more spicy the longer I wear it, which is a good thing. I've been meaning to do a revised review of it.

  2. Coupe may be one of those that grows on us.