Tuesday, October 30, 2012


You want more Al-Rehab reviews?  Here's another one for you to chew on.

Those of you who've been reading this blog since the beginning have probably noticed that I've written an unusually large number of reviews on fragrances heavily influenced by Drakkar Noir.  That's because I love them.  Drakkar is one of my favorite colognes, and I can never get enough of frags that smell similar to it.  If you're sick of reading these types of reviews, then you might as well skip this one too, since Dakar is basically a knockoff of Drakkar Noir.

Fortunately, it's an outstanding one.  What sets Dakar apart, however, is that it's a lot greener smelling than Drakkar Noir; even the oil itself has a beautiful lime green color.  There are some great evergreen notes like fir or pine needle that I can smell in the background of Dakar, which is an awesome treat for me.  Drakkar Noir supposedly has evergreen notes as well, but except for juniper, I've never been able to detect them.  Dakar doesn't seem to have the leather note of Drakkar, but it has the same glowing aura that Drakkar gets from leather.  It smells awesome in every way.

If you check out Al-Rehab's site, you'll see that most of their perfumes are described as being "enjoyed by both men and women".  Dakar is not.  It's hard to imagine many women wanting to walk around all day wearing this macho juice.

For those of you who think Drakkar Noir in its current form is too weak (I'm not one those people), then this is definitely for you.  Like its Al-Rehab brother Superman, Dakar is a total powerhouse in sillage, staying power and swagger.  I put on just two drops this morning, and during my car ride to work I was practically gagging from how strong this is.  Dakar will clear out a room faster than a case of the farts, and it'll do so for more than twelve hours.

If it weren't for Dakar's lack of uniqueness, I'd give it a perfect score.  It's just another great perfume oil from Al-Rehab.

MY RATING:  9/10

Fragrance House:  Al-Rehab


  1. Cool to see some more use of aromatic oils. They have superior staying power, while nicely lacking all those additional chemicals that are present in EDC/EDT/EDP. These chemicals might pose health hazards.

    Have any of you guys ever had experience with

    They make many 'knock-offs.' Earlier this year, my wife and I ordered some small sample vials for $6/vial of some of our favorite fragrances and we were quite pleased.

    Similarly, last year we ordered some 'roll-ons' from http://www.perfumeoils.com/. My wife's fragrance was on the money and one of my fragrances was also exactly representative of the original. However, their 'Kouros' type oil was a mere pale copy of the original. So, that was a disappointment.

    Anyway, when these knock-offs in the form of oil are spot on then, in my opinion their projection and their longevity can rarely be beaten.

    1. These oils are low profile, marketing wise, and don't have flashy brand names or packaging, but the quality is often there. I've tried a few differnt brands of perfume oils, and Al-Rehab is BY FAR the best I've tried so far.

      You're right, the longevity and sillage are unbelievable. Especially with Dakar. You really need to be careful on how much you roll on. I did just two drops today, and I was practically choking in my car with how overpoweringly strong it is. I'll bet I can be smelled a good 15 or 20 feet away with this juice.

      I checked out thefragranceshop.com. They have a great selection, but man, their prices are steep, compared to Al Rehab's stuff.

  2. I wish they would make a Krizia Moods, Vermiel, Kouros, and Zino knockoffs LOL.

    1. So do I. I also wish there was a Quorum perfume oil.

      Moods and Kouros I find are almost as strong as perfume oils. I dab those on pretty lightly, especially Moods.

  3. So would you say this is closer to Duc De Vierens(or however it's spelled) with it being greener than Drakkar?

    1. No, actually it's much closer to Drakkar Noir than Duc de Vervins. This stuff REALLY smells like Drakkar, especially in the long haul, after you've worn Dakar for like ten hours and it's still pounding away. Dakar may be greener than Drakkar, but it's a lot heavier than Duc de Vervins. I love DdV, but Dakar is a lot better. Plus, Dakar is really a Drakkar knockoff, whereas Duc de Vervins is not.

  4. Ah but they do have a Quorum oil!

    Shamu and D_Cato, the fragrance shop does make oil knockoffs of Quorum, Kouros and Zino.

    Here is the one for Quorum:

    Here is the one for Kouros:

    Here is the one for Zino:

    Unfortunately, the only Krizia types they have appear to be for women. They don't have Moods, but like Shamu said, Moods itself is strong enough.

    I still have not tried these exact types, but in the future I might. My wife and I did try some others and they were spot on. My wife's sister also enjoyed the oil knockoffs of her favorite perfumes. I am curious about their Chanel Antaeus knockoff. They list Chanel not by name, but rather by 'Famous French Designer Type;' I guess that they didn't want to risk a potential lawsuit with Chanel. In their descriptions, they hint at which Chanel it is imitating e.g., Antaeus is not directly named, but hinted at saying, '...named after an ancient demigod and released in 1981...' Of course, the exact same note breakdown is listed for Antaeus.

    Like Shamu also said the prices are more exorbitant, but the $6/sample vial is still not horendous and it appears that they do have a sample bundle offer of 6 vials @ $30. Here is the link:


    Alternatively, the other site that I mentioned in my last post namely Perfumeoils.com appears to also have knockoffs of both Kouros and Quorum. They have cheaper prices and more generous offerings in terms of bottle capacity. The roll-on bottles that we bought were cheap. I paid $10 for a knockoff of Creed Aventus and I have to say that it is spot on about 80 % representative of the original, minus some of the smoky notes. However, I bought their Kouros sample and I was disappointed. It was hardly reminiscent of Kouros. My wife's sample of Calvin Klein Euphoria was 95% dead on the money with the original. I have to say that they are generous in the sample. Although they say 1 oz roll-on, the bottle looks somewhat bigger than 1 oz (33 ml)!

    Monster sillage from these even with just a little that can clear rooms for hours. I have had that experience with these.

    With that being said, I am curious if theFragranceShops' version of Kouros and Antaeus are reasonably representative. I hope that they are. Therefore, it might be a try. With weaker reformulations of some popular frags, these oils at the very least can be used in tandem with the original to bolster and add complexity if not a standalone mode.

    Fellas, don't buy the Kouros knockoff from Perfumeoils.com; there is hardly any similarity. It can be hit or miss with them. theFragranceShop might be the ticket.

    1. Six dollars is a lot of money for a sample, but if they end up being really awesome, then the big price tag may be worth it, considering they're perfume oils. It's hard for me to swallow the idea of paying $134 for a 1 oz. bottle of Quorum, but on the other hand, a bottle of oil that size would probably last me the rest of my life! I can hardly imagine beig able to finish one of these 1/3 oz. vials of Al Rehab!

    2. You are right; it is somewhat steep esp. for Quorum which can be had for reasonable prices. The 1 oz from them is too big and would probably last for years because of literally the drop or two that is required to achieve the desired effect. The smaller 1/4 oz might be the ticket. It goes without saying that I'd try the sample vial which can last longer than the 14 days that they claim if using just a dab. Ya gotta see whether their knock-off is up to snuff.

      Heck now, if only they could release a knock-off of Loewe's Esencia that is quality...well, I would be willing to pay for the big bottle of that one! Unlike Quorum, that one is kinda steep.

      Well, anyway, if anybody tries/has tried out the Quorum, Kouros, Antaeus or Zino types, please chime in and let us know.

    3. You sold me. I just ordered samples of the Kouros and Quorum oils. I'll report back after I get them.

  5. I hate to break it to you guys but not every oil has monster power. I have several from Hayward Enterprises that are only the strength of the edt it's emulating(and that is smearing it on thick too). However there are some that are nuclear(Youth Dew, JLS, Jicky), and there are some that smell dead on(Rive Gauche, Aramis, Azzaro Onyx, certain Creeds, Youth Dew and many other), and some that are way off(Zino, Green Irish Tweed and a few others). Haywards Kouros is actually quite brutal but not quite like the real deal.

    1. I agree not all oils are created equal. I've tried a few that are nothing to write home about, strength wise. I don't even remember the brand name - I bought them at store in my town and I ended up giving them away. Plus, Auric Blends' Sandalwood and Amber Patchouli, though good in terms of scent and strength, are far from being room-clearing nukes. Dakar is a nuke, though, and so is Superman.

  6. Looking forward to your reviews of The Fragrance Shop's oils. I'll be placing an order soon. Emailed them a few times with questions and they we're very helpful. Going to try Alkemia Perfumes as well. I'm surprised you didn't review the Antique Patchouli Oil.

    1. I expect the delivery to be arriving today on the Fragrance Shop oils. I can't wait to try them, especially the Kouros one.

      I haven't tried Alkemia's Antique Patchouli Oil, though it did catch my attention. I have so many patchoulis, including some really deep, complex, well aged ones, that I held off buying it. The beauty of Alkemia, though, is their dirt cheap pricing.

    2. Yeah really looking forward to the Alkemia oils. A good dupe is nice but I like that they are trying to blaze their own idiosyncratic trail. I ordered a sample of the Antique Patchouli as well as Smoke and Mirrors, Attar al Oud, Lascivius and Corsair. Although I'm no expert I'll report back.

    3. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Antique Patchouli. I'm surprised they're selling samples of it, since it's pretty precious stuff. I don't think I've heard of Smoke and Mirrors or Corsair, so I wonder if they're new.

      Alkemia's frags are really good, especially because they are totally unique. I own two bottles (Lacivius and Highwayman) and four or five other samples, and none of them smell even remotely like anything else I've ever tried. Hats off to them.

  7. I hope that they are worth their salt! Have my fingers crossed. I also neglected to mention that they do have a Balenciaga pour Homme oil knockoff.


    Though I haven't had the opportunity to try that one out.

    They have a special section for rare/discontinued fragrances:


    Anyone interested might wish to peruse that list.

    1. Lust and Fury,

      I had some good experience with them as well. I ordered 6 samples and they made a mistake and sent me 5. So, when I phoned them they were quick to send not only the missing one, but rather 2 more of them as an apology. No questions asked. I think that their customer service par excellence.

  8. This stuff is awesome. I wish they would make brutally powerful versions of Balenciaga, Furyo, Witness, Kouros, Moods, and Zino.

  9. Случайно приобрел такой миск, в верхних нотах больше напоминает Bowling Green. А вот в раскрытии действительно близок к Drakkar Noir, но не клон. Не хватает смолистой можжевеловой ноты.