Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brut Revolution

Brut Revolution is not something I expect any of you to seek out or rush to the nearest store to buy right away, but it's a fragrance you're likely to find on drugstore or bargain store shelves for low prices.  If you're like me and you come across it on a store shelf, you're going to wonder what it smells like, hoping it smells good so you can snap up a good bargain.  And the truth is that it is a good bargain, because it smells good.

Brut Revolution is a woody citrus scent that is clearly influenced by Acqua di Gio, but it's not an AdG clone.  It's spicier, woodier, more natural smelling and more masculine than AdG.  It has the light, effervescent texture of AdG, but it has a strong black pepper note that gives it bite, and makes it enjoyable.  The scent dries down to strong vetiver and moss, and it's got a sort of dry leathery smell to it as well.  Despite it having a light blue bottle, Brut Revolution is hard to label as an aquatic fragrance, because it doesn't smell watery.  If anything, it smells dry as a bone, and I like that.

Longevity isn't all that great (3 or 4 hours), and it's not a sillage machine.  However, its lightness is its biggest asset.  After a couple of hours, you're left with a subtle aura of dry tartness, created by vetiver that provides both a woody smell and a lemony, citrus-like facet long after the actual citrus notes have faded.

Brut Revolution isn't earthshaking or very unique, but it's still a good light woody citrus that is worth more than its low price tag.  I like it.

MY RATING:  7.5/10

Fragrance House:  Helen of Troy, Faberge, Brut

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  1. Picked up a little bottle for around $2. It's also similar to Bath and Body works' Ocean.