Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Musk Fire

Musk Marine by Avon turned out to be my favorite light musk fragrance.  Its counterpart, Musk Fire, by contrast, doesn't cut the mustard.  Instead, it cuts the cheese, and is not something I enjoy at all.

The biggest problem with Musk Fire is that it's too sweet.  This is a spicy musk-based oriental, along the lines of Obsession For Men, Givenchy PI, etc., though it doesn't smell exactly like them.  It's linear and dull, droning on and on with its piercing sweetness and the same spicy/clean vibe for hours on end.  Musk Fire smells largely synthetic, with an annoying fake orange blossom note fighting to the death with the sweet white musk.  This fragrance smells like orange-scented laundry detergent with cinnamon.

Musk Fire isn't the worst thing I've ever smelled, but it's nothing any perfumer should be proud of.  It smells like he chucked in a gallon of white musk oil with a gallon of synthetic orange blossom, added cinnamon, and shook up the whole stew like a martini.  It's crude and sweet, and that about sums it up.

I doubt anyone will want to swap for my bottle, so I'll just keep it and use it as a toilet freshener.

MY RATING:  5/10

Fragrance House:  Avon

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