Monday, November 26, 2012

Rochas Man - Revised Review

I reviewed Rochas Man in July, during the heat of summer.  That is not the time of year for me to be wearing sweet gourmand fragrances, as I was again reminded today while wearing this scent.  For me, Rochas Man will stay a fall and winter fragrance, because it smells so much better now that the air is cold.

For me, hot weather exacerbates sweetness in perfumes tenfold.  Apparently that's what happened when I reviewed Rochas Man, because the sweetness was more than I could take.  But now, Rochas Man does everything just right.  This is the perfect gourmand fragrance - warm, sweet but not cloying, and perfectly balanced.  Even though it's sweet, it never smells like a woman's perfume.  The drydown now smells like a sweetened leather, as opposed to a vanilla slog, as it did when I first reviewed it.

I could wear Rochas Man every day - it's that good.  I give it a well-deserved perfect score now.

MY RATING:  10/10

Fragrance House:  Rochas


  1. I had a similar experience with Guerlain L'instant Extreme this past summer. I thought it was insanely sweet and powerful. But I put it on a few weeks ago and was surprised how much the temperature effected my perception of it. It was like a whole different, and beautiful, experience in the cold.

    So how do you find this compares to Jordan Legend now?

  2. I agree it's a good one..not sure about a perfect score. I hear New Haarlem is pretty much perfect and an improvement on this one though.

  3. I would never give this a 10, but I do like it in the winter time. I think BOD Man Body Heat is a knockoff of this. I figured this out when I bought one of those 3 packs of Bod Man Musks(New Musk, Blue Musk, and Body Heat), and my friend loved Body Heat so much I ended up giving him my bottle of Rochas Man.