Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Man

The Man is another knockoff fragrance by Al-Rehab, and this time they're knocking off One Man Show.  It's good, and in fact, I like The Man even better than One Man Show.

The Man does a good job of capturing the intense spiciness and woodiness of One Man Show, and therefore its overall feel, but it's even drier and woodier than the original.  The incense is very strong, and in fact, if you apply this liberally, it smells a lot like Balenciaga Pour Homme, with its strong, churchy incense note.  It has macho-level patchouli.  The only thing I miss with The Man, but was such an enjoyable ingredient in One Man Show, is the green basil note; whereas One Man Show was strongly herbal (I like that), The Man is mostly about woody notes.  Fortunately The Man doesn't smell like it uses any of that horrific synthetic cedar oil I seem to detect in half of the men's fragrances released during the past ten years; if it's in there, it's buried, thank goodness.

Though I normally prefer herbal-dominant fragrances over woody ones, I prefer The Man to One Man Show because it has a better sense of balance than OMS.  When I first spray on OMS, I feel like it needs time for the scent to come together; its aerosol-like opening blast is jarring and borderline irritating.  With The Man, everything jells immediately.

Strength-wise, The Man is right on par with One Man Show: it's strong, but it's not going to kill you.  Sillage is moderate, but its longevity is in the 12-hour realm, which is great.  Therefore, don't expect The Man to provide you with an atomic bomb version of One Man Show - you're basically getting a woodier, more incense-laden version of One Man Show with The Man, which is perfectly fine by me.

Overall, The Man is a worthy purchase, even if you already own One Man Show.  It's less caustic and piercing than One Man Show, and therefore better balanced than it, yet it maintains OMS' swagger.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Al-Rehab


  1. I think you would like the original formulation of OMS much better than the new one. The only thing about it that sometimes bothers me is the amount of castoreum in the base. Otherwise, it is much smoother than the new version, with no odd "root beer" type quality in the opening.

    1. Maybe The Man smells like OMS used to smell like. I don't smell any castoreum in The Man, and it's a bit smoother than OMS