Thursday, December 20, 2012

City Tower

Another hugely overrated fragrance from Jacques Bogart.  Ignore the name and the packaging, because there's no question about it: City Tower is just another super-sweet "black" styled fragrance.  The addition of some fake smelling incense doesn't change that, or make it any better.

If the incense were stronger, drier, and more natural smelling, I'd probably like this.  As it stands, just about all I smell is a big fat sweet tonka bean note with some sweet white musk, and a little sprinkle of fake incense that adds nothing to this pointless scent.  The drydown is basically the same droning tonka bean and musk.  I smell none of the citruses, leather, oud, geranium or labdanum that supposedly is in City Tower.  In fact, nothing really smells natural in it; this is a flat, boring, very cheap smelling scent.  It smells like one of those lousy Stetson flankers.

The only good thing I can say is that it is not completely vile, and it is well balanced, for those who like chalky tonka bean and musk fragrances.

Don't waste your money on this.

MY RATING:  5/10

Fragrance House:  Jacques Bogart


  1. What a mismatch, the box and the bottle appear to have been designed by two different teams. The blue box hints at an aquatic. The bottle and its juice appear far from aquatic. Could be a nasty surprise if you blind bought this.

  2. Seems like the idea was to make a stronger version of The One Gentleman by D&G, hence the color of the liquid. On that level, it's okay, I guess. I'm not a fan of this kind of scent so I haven't studied them in much detail. It's the kind of scent I'd mist the air then walk through, so the notion of "syntheticness" may be related to people spraying this one more than once per wearing!

    1. I like The One Gentleman a LOT better than this stuff. It's not a fragrance worth studying in any detail, because there's not a lot of depth in it.

      If I were to rate City Tower purely on my own enjoyment of it, I'd give it an even lower ranking than I did. I think this is an awful scent, and probably the worst Bogart I've tried.