Monday, December 3, 2012

Jovan Black Musk For Men - Revised Review

Bryan Ross, you did it again - a review of yours has inspired me to revisit yet another fragrance I used to despise, this time Black Musk For Men.  Wow, did I call this one wrong!

I've been getting into musk scents recently, and I decided to try Black Musk again today.  I noticed that it's labeled as an "Aftershave/Cologne".  I'd never tried it as an aftershave, so this morning I did, and I splashed some on my neck and chest too.  I'm enjoying this so much more than I did when I'd reviewed it.  I must have been in the wrong mind set when I wore it before.

No, this does not smell like Kool Aid or shampoo, nor is it overly sweet.  What we have here is a very nice, breezy, watery-textured musk scent, with some very light herbal and citrus notes added to give it some zest and a little bit of complexity.  It's airy and transparent, and its scent floats around you like an ocean breeze.  Yes, it smells synthetic, but it's well balanced, so that isn't problematic.  It's just a really pretty, comfortable scent, but it's not wimpy. 

Black Musk may not be something I reach for when I'm in the mood to wear musk - I'll go for Jovan's Musk For Men or Muscs Koublai Khan for that - but it's a good go-to fragrance that you can wear every day, in every occasion.  Big thumbs up now.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Jovan

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  1. Always happy to help! Glad you gave this one another try. It's not the world's greatest musk scent by any means, but not bad for the money!