Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Malizia Uomo Musk

Being a huge fan of Mirato's Malizia Uomo Vetyver, I was looking forward to sampling Musk.  Though it's not a bad fragrance by any stretch, Malizia Uomo Musk is disappointing.

First, I'll get to the negatives.  Right off the bat, Musk has three strikes against it: no originality, no longevity, and no musk.  This is an aromatic fougere that smells like a stripped down, watered down knockoff of Drakkar Noir.  I smell juniper, lavender, some woody notes, tonka bean and oakmoss, just like I do in Drakkar.  I smell no musk whatsoever.  I've read that most people can't smell some varieties of musk, and it could just be that I'm anosmic to whatever musk may be in this.  Staying power is poor, which is unusual for a musk scent, clocking in at only 2 or 3 hours for me.

I won't give this a bad rating, however, because I like the way it smells; Drakkar Noir is one of my favorites, so obviously I'm enjoying Malizia Musk's aroma.  It's totally masculine.  In that sense, this fragrance reminds me of Pierre Cardin's Musk, though that one's much more powerful than this.  They could have called this scent "Macho Malizia" if the fragrance wasn't so weak.  It doesn't project well either; after the first half hour, it becomes barely noticeable.

It's a good thing Malizia Musk is so inexpensive, because otherwise I'd say this represents poor value.  However I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying this blindly, since it's so cheap, and you might be able to smell the musk.  I probably won't be buying a bottle.  I'll be sticking with their awesome Vetyver scent (review to come).

MY RATING:  6/10

Fragrance House:  Mirato


  1. Happy New Year first of all ! I was hoping for you to review this some day soon since it's been on my next-to sample list for quite some time. Glad you did. Will stick wth the Vetyver, which I find awsome. Any recommendations for a really good musk frag in the same price range ?

  2. It's not a bad scent, but don't get it if you're expecting a strong musk.

    The only really great straight-ahead musk in this price range that I know about is the good old Jovan Musk For Men. I don't know if it's readily available in Germany, but if it is and you don't have it, get it. I like it more every time I wear it, and now it's one of my favorite musks. It's a true musk scent.

  3. Great! You can find it at almost any drugstore around here. However, I'm having my eyes on an auction for Kiehl's musk oil on ebay right now, so we'll see-it'll be either one or the other...