Thursday, February 14, 2013

Montana Black Edition

If you're a fan of the original Montana Parfum d'Homme (the one in the red box), I'm sure you'll enjoy this flanker, Montana Black Edition.  This is a true flanker, almost too true, since the fragrance is so similar to the original Montana Parfum d'Homme.

If you've never smelled the original, it's an extremely spicy, woody aromatic scent that very closely resembles Aramis' Havana.  It's a strong powerhouse of a frag, with a rich leather note in the base.   Montana Black takes that same theme, only without the leather, darkens it a little, and adds a note that smells like clove scented soap in the drydown.  In fact, if you layered Havana with Jacomo de Jacomo, you'd end up with something that smells a lot like Montana Black.

I really appreciate the fact that Montana didn't fall into the usual trap of releasing a sugary wimp-out like most designer fragrances that carry the "Black" label.   There is no sweetness in Montana Black at all.   This is an arid, even caustic on occasion, fragrance that will make your nose bleed in dry weather.  I wouldn't call the original Montana Parfum d'Homme a sweet fragrance, but compared to Montana Black it smells like vanilla ice cream.   Montana Black is bone dry and aggressively spicy, and it will deliver the goods like a true powerscent if you spray it liberally enough.

Though I slightly prefer the original, Montana Black Edition is an excellent fragrance that fans of spice bombs are sure to enjoy.

Fragrance House: Montana

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