Monday, February 25, 2013


This is an example of a fragrance that had potential, but manages to screw everything up in execution.   This stuff is pretty bad.

I say Stallion has potential because it has a stong, macho smell that I like at first sniff.   It's got this weird, dark woody note that smells like cork board, and I really like it.   When you first spray this on, you'll think, "Oh yeah, this is a powerhouse!".   That cork board note makes it smell like a cologne from the Seventies.   Cork board was a popular material used for making bulletin boards back in the 70's, so it's a smell I know well.  These are the things I like about Stalli0n.

The problem, however, is that it's all buried under a shrill, metallic chemical smell, reminiscent of bleach.   Memories of the unforgivably awful Wings For Men come to mind.   The entire fragrance smells heavily synthetic.

After about an hour, the chemical smell does mellow out a bit, and the dark woody/cork note becomes a little more prominent.   The problem, however, is that by hour number two, the scent has completely disappeared from my skin. What the hell?

So to sum it all up, Stallion is a synthetic smelling cologne that has big powerhouse balls for about an hour, and then completely runs out of gas.   If it had much better longevity, I'd probably be able to enjoy this more, since it does smell less synthetic over time.   However, as it stands, Stallion is pretty much a loser fragrance.

Fragrance House: Larry Mahan

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  1. What a shame! With a name like Stallion you'd have thought a quality, powerhouse fragrance was a given! I like that corky smell you describe - it's not something I've smelled in a fragrance that I can recall but it'd be something I could imagine working well in a powerhouse frag.