Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Very Valentino Pour Homme

Very Valentino is described as a woody oriental with a strong tobacco note.   Sounds promising, but I don't get anything even remotely like that at all.   I smell a generic, highly chemical smelling metallic sport fragrance.   It's bad.

All I can think of is metal silverware sloshing around in cold, soapy water when I smell this.   I smell a silvery, screaming synthetic violet leaf note (not listed, so it's probably the so-called tobacco note) on top of a flat, bland, light tonka bean and white musk base that does nothing to temper the olfactory white noise.   It comes off as both soapy and metallic, and just awful.   What is described as woodiness smells like rubbing alcohol to me.   I used to be a smoker, and I've never come across any tobacco that smells like this.

Fans of crap like DKNY Men might enjoy Very Valentino, as the two are similar and truly vile.   It makes Stallion seem like a work of art.  When my wife smelled it on me, she made me promise never to wear it again.   That will be an easy promise to keep.

MY RATING:  1/10

Fragrance House: Valentino

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