Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cuba Orange

"Cuba Orange" is certainly an appropriate name for this, because orange blossom dominates. I must be starting to finally warm up to the smell of orange blossom, because I actually like this! My sampling of John Varvatos Artisan a few months ago opened my eyes to orange blossom done well, and it may have also unexpectedly opened my mind to the note overall. Cuba Orange is a delightful perfume.

This is a sweet floral fougere where all the notes seem to be there to support and prolong the smell of neroli and orange blossom. Lavender, tonka bean, white musk, spicy notes and moss are merely detectable peripherally, and together they enhance the overall orangey vibe. It's all very well balanced, and even though the orange blossom and neroli are the showcase, they aren't cloying or overpowering. The fragrance smells a lot like Dunhill Desire, but it's lot less heavy and sweet than it.

What I love about Cuba Orange is that its scent feels like it has a shiny orange glow to it from beginning to end. It's got a bit of a powdery, dandified feel to it, but Cuba Orange is a happy, uplifting scent that warms the soul and makes you feel good. I can't think of higher praise than that.

MY RATING: 8.5/10
Fragrance House: Cuba Paris


  1. The remarkable thing about this brand is the quality of materials they employ in these formulas. For inexpensive fragrances, they're made exceptionally well. Still wish they'd abandon the cigar-shape packaging though.

    1. I agree. Granted, they aren't niche quality materials from what I can tell, but the fragrances themselves are so well composed, they are able to bring out the best of the materials. I find these Cuba fragrances are better composed than a lot of niche frags I've tried, even if the raw materials are of lesser quality. Cuba Paris is like the French version of Al Rehab.

  2. I was surprised by the negative reviews I've read on this one, whereas Gold and Red (and even Black) tend to get much better reviews. I think the reason is that this is more of an aficionado scent (newbies seem to dislike that orange blossom/neroli type accord), but most such people won't give these Cuba ones a chance. Sure, Rochas Lui is clearly superior, but this is good for the money, and it's not fair to ask more of a scent than that, IMO.

  3. Would you say this is a good fragrance to try if I reallllyyy like oranges?