Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy For Men

I've read so many positive reviews of Happy For Men on both Basenotes and Fragrantica, I expected and wanted to like this, but nope.   I hate this scent.

I expected a nice simple, dry citrus fragrance with some woody notes in the base, something I'd enjoy wearing in warm weather.  Instead, what I get is a few minutes of boring bergamot and orange in the beginning, which is overpowered by a metallic calone note and a chemical white musk note.  Unfortunately the bad synthetics dominate this fragrance, and Happy For Men ends up smelling like Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo.

Happy For Men is a terrible fragrance.  It smells like one of those awful "fresh laundry" or fabric softener perfumes the Clean company would release.  I am amazed there are people who want to smell like this.

They should call this Miserable For Men.

MY RATING:  2/10


  1. I'm actually surprised you even bothered trying this out.
    I remember the color and descriptions gave me the impression that I'd hate it. I still gave it a whiff at Ulta, Sephora, one of those places. While I was "pleasantly" surprised, I still thought it was a synthetic mess; being messy like a teenager's bedroom instead of an episode of Hoarders

  2. I think this is one Chandler Burr said "every man must own", lol.

  3. Will you please again review Enrico Sebastiano Cologne

  4. It is one of the few scents that I actively dislike.

  5. I agree with most of your reviews and tastes, however, I disagree with this one. I find it an attractive, contemporary fragrance that's fresh and invigorating to wear once the initial hit of citrus has subsided.

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