Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

Before any of you start commenting about how this fragrance has been destroyed by reformulation, let me say that I am reviewing the current, re-issued version of Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur by Five Star Fragrances, and I am going to judge it on its own merits. 

But first, let me just get this out of the way: yes, I have smelled the “vintage” version of this scent, so I am well aware that this new version smells different, is weaker, and is less complex.  Granted I’m going by memory, having smelled this when I was a kid back in the Seventies, but I remember that it used to be a lot more herbal smelling, with stronger top and middle notes than this new version.  There, I said it.  Now let’s move on.

I love this scent.  If there is such a term as an “oriental chypre”, then this is it.  Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur smells like Chanel Pour Monsieur with less green, and with a touch of amber and vanilla.  It is very French, and it is very elegant, and although it’s been reformulated, it still maintains a kind of retro 1960s vibe that you never smell in current day releases.  The combination of oakmoss, labdanum and herbal notes create a kind of skanky, animalic smell – those of you who like Moustache or Monsieur de Givenchy will know what I’m talking about.  In fact, I could swear there’s a touch of civet in this scent, but it’s not listed.

It’s a fragrance you can wear any time of year comfortably.  The bright herbal citrus opening is refreshing and dry, and it smells great in hot weather.  The oriental base notes of vanilla and amber are subtle, so they don’t smother you in summer time, yet they provide enough warmth to make this a good cold weather scent too. 

This is not a scent that projects far, and it never really was a sillage beast anyway.  It stays close to your skin, as it should, since this is a soft, gentle scent.  Therefore, don’t go on Fragrantica whining about how there’s no projection – this isn’t Marbert Man we’re talking about.  This is supposed to be a tasteful, classy gentleman’s scent, not a powerhouse.  Longevity is very good, and I can smell it on myself all day in little wisps.  It’s a scent that kind of just lays back underneath your shirt and hums along quietly for hours, with its warm, lemony glow.

With a price of about $20 US for a gigantic 8 ounce bottle, how can you not at least try this?  Get the after shave lotion as well, for the full effect.

MY RATING:  9/10


  1. Thanks for this review. I always loved this back in the day but have not tried the recent version. I may go and buy a bottle of my old friend based on this review! Welcome back, by the way!

  2. I have a Tsumura vintage that's really not THAT old, but typically what folks refer to when they describe "vintage" PCPM. Honestly I find it to be a little weaker than the Five Star version, although it's also much smoother than the current version. The newer stuff has this beautiful lavender note that seems more pronounced than the one of old. Great review here.

  3. I've owned this for a few years now and wear it pretty regularly. I sampled Creed Bois du Portugal a few years ago and as I walked around the smell kept wafting up and reminded me of PCPM..!! Has anyone else made this association or is my nose playing me up?

    1. I never thought of that, but now that you mention it, yes I can see some similarity. However, I think Bois du Portugal is a much heavier fragrance than Pierre Cardin, and sweeter.

      I'm not a Creed fan, but I forgot about Bois du Portugal. I used to have a bottle, and it was a great scent. I wouldn't mind getting another bottle.