Monday, January 25, 2016

Quorum Silver - Updated Review

I'm wearing Quorum Silver today, after not having worn it in a few years, and I think this is better than when I first reviewed it.  It's still primarily a cedar fragrance, but there's more to it in the drydown.  By about hour six, this thing transforms into what smells like a warm incense fragrance, and is really nice.  I can smell a little bit of amber in the background that rounds everything off and gives it warmth, and it blends nicely with the cedar and the spicy notes like clove and pepper.  The warmth of the drydown is what impresses me, and is a nice contrast to the cold, stone-faced cedar smell you get for the first hour or two.

Quorum Silver deserves a bump up in rating, so

MY RATING:  8/10


  1. I remember my first impression of this. Like opening a fresh bag of cedar shavings. I think I washed it off before the drydown

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  3. I think this is like AL Rehab's Sultan which is like big Cedar opening but afterwards becomes pleasent incense like am I right Mr.Shamu1?