Thursday, January 21, 2016


If you've never smelled Xeryus before, don't be fooled by the elegant frosted bottle for the newest edition of this scent.  Xeryus is not light, transparent, aquatic, or sporty, as the bottle might lead you to believe.

No, this is a dark, hairy, all-beef powerhouse from the 80's.  I'm surprised more people don't recognize it as such.  If I were to describe in one word what most 80's fragrances are like, I'd say "dense".  These are complex, thick, syrup-like compositions, containing huge numbers of different notes and ingredients.  Leather and oakmoss seem to be the glory notes for 80's power scents, giving them the transparency of lead, as well as superior strength and staying power.  Xeryus has all of this.

I never owned Xeryus back in the day, but it was a popular fragrance then, and its scent was unmistakable and unforgettable.  All these years, I can still remember vividly its leathery, mossy, herbal and soapy smell, as well as its strength.  Like the other powerhouse bombs back then, Xeryus' leather and oakmoss accord was its most powerful feature.  It smelled similar to the heavy stuff like Drakkar Noir and Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui, but Xeryus has always been its own animal.

Xeryus is a strong, long-lasting fragrance that changes over time.  The strong citrus and herbal notes in the opening are surprisingly long lasting, sustaining the opening smell for over an hour.  As the day goes on, Xeryus becomes darker, and by hour five, this is a freaking oakmoss bomb.  You gotta love it.

I recently bought what I assume is the newest edition of Xeryus, pictured above, and it still smells the way I remember it.  Yes, I'm sure it's been reformulated, but the overall smell is the same to me.  If Givenchy decided to use less oakmoss or leather or some other ingredient than they used to, as long as I get the same feeling when I smell it, what do I give a shit?

Hats off to Givenchy for continuing to make this, and keeping the spirit of the original Xeryus.

MY RATING:  9/10


  1. Sounds like a good one, I just can't believe you haven't reviewed Pour Monsieur yet, lol

  2. Welcome Back! I've been enjoying your blog for some months now, and blind bought Quorum and Lapidus based on your reviews. Quorum is, of course, a tour de force, a masterpiece. Lapidus, I'm still wrapping my head around that one. I dont really think it smells good (too sharp at first), but I'm drawn to wanting to smell it. It's complexity and animal notes must draw me subconsciously. Strangely, I just wore it to work for the first time and got 2 separate compliments from women I work with. I never would have expected to garner any compliments.

    Anyway, thanks for returning

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