Monday, February 22, 2016

A*Men Pure Coffee

Like the way A*Men smells, but afraid to wear it in public because it’s too strong?  If so, then A*Men Pure Coffee is for you!  It’s really as simple as that – Pure Coffee smells like a less concentrated version of the original A*Men, but with a big top note of roasted coffee.

Other than the initial strong coffee note when you first spray it on, I don’t smell any more coffee in this than what was in the original A*Men.  The coffee note, like in A*Men, is blended seamlessly with the chocolate, tar, caramel and patchouli, contributing to the unmistakable A*Men scent as a whole, rather than standing out on its own.

You could actually pull off wearing this in a business meeting without the other people at the table looking at you funny.  That’s because it doesn’t project anywhere near as strongly as A*Men, even though it smells similar.  It’s still a rich scent, but it stays close to your skin, and is also a little bit drier than A*Men; it smells like there’s less vanilla and caramel in Pure Coffee.  On the other hand, the big, stonking patchouli note is still there, which I’m glad about.

A*Men is one of my favorite scents, so obviously I love Pure Coffee.  It's a fun scent to wear, and it has a funny name.  I can't wait for a stranger to ask me what I'm wearing, so I can say, "Pure Coffee".  I slightly prefer the original A*Men for its strength, but it’s nice to know I have a version I can wear in front of clients without being “that cologne guy”.

MY RATING:  9/10


  1. You might also like Cuba Prestige. It's very close to Amen's mid. Lasts quite a while, but doesn't project like a beast

  2. Is there any similarity with Lidge

  3. Agree, this one's great, interested in the new Pure Tonka as well

  4. Lately I've been wondering how Pure Tonka stacks up compared to A*Men. I wore A*Men today to work and enjoyed it. It's a masterpiece, which makes it hard to imagine how any of these spin-offs could possibly improve upon it. Compared to A*Men, B*Men smells pretty dull, imo. And Pure Malt is just OK.

  5. I like your blog! Great post, I just recently tried a similar product that I received for free from Will buy this one next time!