Monday, February 29, 2016

Disco Pour Homme

Don’t think that just because it’s called Disco Pour Homme, this is some kind of old school powerhouse bruiser.  It’s not.  Rather, I’d call it an interpretation of one of today’s most popular men’s fragrances, One Million by Paco Rabanne.  

Don’t let that get you down, though.  I don’t even like One Million, but Disco Pour Homme is really good.   Never smelled One Million before?  One Million smells like an orange blossom and vanilla bomb – not my cup of tea at all.  Supposedly One Million has a lot of aromatic and spicy notes, but I don’t smell them.  I get bowled over with its syrupy wave of sweetness whenever I smell it.  I don’t find it masculine at all.  It smells like a really bad women’s perfume to me.

Disco Pour Homme, however, rights all the wrongs of One Million.  Granted, it’s sweet and it contains a lot of orange blossom, but Disco Pour Homme is a manly scent.  I can smell plenty of spicy and aromatic notes, like patchouli, clove and cinnamon, underlying the orange blossom, which breaks up the sweetness and gives the scent some grit.  I also detect some herbal notes in there, which make the scent a whole lot drier and much more enjoyable and manly than One Million.  In fact, it smells like a sweeter Brut, a real Disco Stu frag.

The scent itself is pretty dense and rich, but it doesn’t project loudly.  When you first spray it on, the scent will bowl you over and fill a room for about 20 minutes.  However, after that it suddenly becomes a quiet skin scent, which is the way I prefer it.  Longevity is good, lasting about 6 hours on my skin, and about 24 hours on my shirt.

Disco Pour Homme is a winner in my book, mainly because I like how it balances sweetness with aromatic notes.  If this were a sillage bomb, I’d call it a modern day, “new school” powerhouse, but as it stands, Disco Pour Homme is a masculine smelling scent that I can wear on any occasion.

MY RATING:  8.5/10


  1. Thank you for this great post! I have to buy this, where can I get the best price? I did a Google search and came up. Anyone shop from there?

  2. Just bought this... at specialize in mideast frags. Located in Ohio. Have bought fm them before. $15 bux + shipping.