Sunday, March 13, 2016

Herrera For Men

Ignore my previous “review” of this fragrance.  I’ve been able to wear Herrera For Men about ten times since then, and I’ve done a total 180 on it.

Herrera For Men may not smell all that unique these days.  That's because since the year of its release, 1991, men's perfumes have borrowed facets of this classic scent time and time again.  It’s a complex, jam-packed fragrance, and when you spray it on, you get little whiffs of the 80’s (tobacco, herbal notes, e.g.) and what was to come later in the 90s (e.g., light floral notes, which were later used to augment aquatic fragrances).  Despite this, Herrera For Men is a timeless, classic scent, and one that still smells relevant and classy today.  I’ll bet you’ll be able to wear this in the year 2035 and still come off as stylish. 

Herrera throws the kitchen sink at you for the first half hour, which is a dense, powerful mix of tobacco, cloves, herbs, flowers, green notes and citrus.  It smells like a refined powerhouse.  Within an hour, you’re left with primarily tobacco and spices, and that’s what you get for the remaining duration of the scent. 

I’m a former cigar and cigarette smoker, but I can’t remember smoking any tobacco quite like this.  In fact, it took me several wearings to even recognize it as tobacco.  This is a sharp, dry, and spicy tobacco note, kind of like the tobacco in Miller Harris’ awesome Feuilles de Tabac.  I’ve read reviews describing it as the smell of a pack of cigarettes with clove and cinnamon.  That sounds about right to me.

My only complaint is that the drydown is kind of spare.  All I smell is that thin, sharp, spicy tobacco note.  It lacks body and depth.  If only a drop of honey, oakmoss or leather were added to this, it would have fleshed out the drydown and put more meat on its bones.  It would have been perfect.

As it stands, I find Herrera For Men to be excellent.  Like Old Spice and Polo, Herrera For Men is truly classic and suitable for any situation, any time of year.  Sillage is moderate and longevity is decent, at about seven or eight hours.  It’s a winner in my book.

MY RATING:   8.5/10


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