Thursday, June 18, 2020

Al-Rehab Original

I just skimmed through a bunch of reviews of this fragrance on, and I can't understand why so many of them are negative.  This is a good fragrance.  Fragrantica categorizes it as a perfume for men, and I would agree with that assessment.  However, this would also make an excellent women's fragrance.

To describe this in a nutshell, I'd say that Original is a floral tobacco scent.  It reminds me as a less powerful version of Open by Roger & Gallet.  It starts off bright and cheerful with a blast of bergamot and green florals, which I am guessing are geranium and violet leaf.  It doesn't take long, maybe ten minutes, for the tart but dry tobacco note to bloom, augmented by strong oakmoss.  I detect subtle rose and jasmine to soften the tobacco and moss accord, and patchouli to add earthiness.  The tobacco and oakmoss, however, remain dominant throughout the scent's duration.

I am surprised at how weak this perfume is, compared to all the other Al-Rehab oils I've tried.  I have the roll-on oil version of this, and I find the projection to be rather discreet.  Longevity is okay, at about six hours.  On my skin, Al-Rehab Original stays polite and close to the skin.  It is not a powerhouse.  This really surprised me, since all the other Al-Rehab oils I've worn have all-day staying power and billowing sillage.

Although Original is not particularly original or unique, it smells really good.  I love the smoothness of this perfume, blending mild florals with tobacco and moss.  I just wish it were a bit stronger.

MY RATING:  8/10

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