Sunday, June 28, 2020


I wish Thierry Mugler held on a little longer before deciding to discontinue B*Men, because I think given a little more time on the market, B*Men would have caught on with the public.  I don't agree at all with the reviews that say B*Men has nothing in common with A*Men.  For those of you who like the smell of A*Men or Angel, but who found them too sweet to wear, B*Men is perfect.

When I first spray on B*Men, its relation to A*Men is obvious.  The two are very similar, and you can smell that intoxicating basic accord of patchouli, dark cocoa and vanilla that makes A*Men and Angel so unmistakable.  In fact, I wore B*Men years ago, before I even tried A*Men, and it served as my introduction to the entire A*Men line.  The difference with B*Men is that it's a lot drier, and rather than relying on heavy loads of caramel, chocolate and vanilla for its sweetness, B*Men gets most of its sweetness from rhubarb, black licorice and just a hint of vanilla.  Also, whereas A*Men is a gourmand oriental, B*Men could be called an aromatic fougere with a gourmand touch.  Lavender is not listed as a note for B*Men, but this still smells like a fougere to me.

Don't think for a second, however, that B*Men is a light and airy fragrance.  It's not.  It's nice and strong, assertive, and very masculine, and it's a lot more aromatic and spicy than A*Men.  It also has a crisp, dry powderiness in the background that gives off a subtle barbershop vibe, which in turn steers it firmly in the masculine direction.  It is also long lasting and projects well, though it won't clear out a room like A*Men does.

So which do I prefer - B*Men or A*Men?  I prefer A*Men due to its greater complexity, and its caramel note, which B*Men does not have, brings it right over the top for me.  I also wear A*Men a lot more often, but that isn't a knock on B*Men at all.  B*Men is a masterpiece in its own right, and many guys prefer it to A*Men.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

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