Tuesday, June 16, 2020

One Man Show Gold Edition - Revisited

A video review of One Man Show Gold Edition I watched recently inspired me to revisit this amazingly macho brew.  If you think you love powerhouse fragrances and haven't tried this yet, One Man Show Gold Edition will be the litmus test of whether you're a true believer.

OMSGE always smelled familiar to me but I was never able to figure out why, until now.  This frag smells similar to Boss No. 1, Kouros and Lapidus Pour Homme all at the same time.  I'm not saying that if you layered all three of those that it would smell exactly like OMSGE, but it has qualities that make all three unique.  And it is stronger than any of them, though Lapidus does come close.  If you're one of those guys who thinks that Boss No. 1 and Kouros are too watered down by reformulation (I am not one of those people), then OMSGE is your holy grail.

No one with half a bit of sanity could argue that OMSGE is not one of the most powerful scents ever made for men.  This stuff is absolutely brutal.  We're talking nuclear projection and 24-hour longevity here with three sprays.

I recommend being careful about when you choose to wear this Disco Stu fragrance.  This past Sunday I was about to put this on before going to church, but I decided against it.  Wearing this would have asphyxiated everyone within 6 feet of me.  I could have sat in the front row, and even the people sitting in the back of the church would have been cowering under their pews.  If you wear this to work around people who are sensitive to perfume, be prepared to file for unemployment.

One Man Show Gold Edition is a power bomb in the extreme, but that doesn't mean it doesn't smell great.  I love this scent.  Despite its show-stopping power, OMSGE is a very well blended and balanced fragrance.  I can't really distinguish any individual notes in it, but I find it to be a very comfortable wear.  It's not overly sweet or sharp or animalic - it's all those, but it's so well blended.  The only aspect of its smell that is completely over the top is how masculine it is.  This is a complete slap in the face to whatever the mainstream fragrance industry has considered acceptable for men to smell like since the early 90s.

If you want to establish your turf with your cologne, One Man Show Gold Edition will do it like no other.


  1. You are by far my favorite reviewer. Hands down. You keep it real. No bullshit. Not to technical. Reviews for the working man. Thank you.

    1. its me again....I have been reading your reviews since 2013. Up until that point I didn't think anyone liked the old and strong stuff as much as I do!